Carles Tejedor

Born in Barcelona on the first of May in 1975, Carles has become a businessperson, assessor, and designer of gastronomic concepts.

He has had an intense professional trajectory: he opened the first Tapas restaurant in the Savoy Hotel in London, and has worked in the USA, Baja California and China. He had a Michelin star for 8 years working in Via Veneto in Barcelona, this restaurant being property of the Monge family.

Through knowing the worlds cultures and cuisines, after much research and growth, preserving his Mediterranean roots, Carles Tejedor has discovered in the olive, one of the most primary and natural elements, inspiration upon which to base his latest innovation. He is developing his own project in, a laboratory to channel his creativity, and as a base for the creation of different products, dishes, combinations and for new creations such as OilJelly.

For 5 years he has worked as an expert in oil in the Master in Science and Cooking at Harvard, having also worked a year at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He also works in association with the University of Barcelona in research into oils, and directs the Oilab in Terrassa.

Using his professional brand, OILMOTION, DESIGN COOK, he works on projects of assessment, teaching, public relations and everything connected to cuisine, gastronomy, the palate, and tastings.

He participates in and attends many conferences, round tables, seminaries, show cooking events and gastronomic meetings around the world. From Singapore to Beijing, Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, Chicago, London and especially, year after year, in the Alimentaria Exhibition Fair in Barcelona, as well as Madrid Fusión, Basque Culinary, and in cookery schools such as Cett, and Hofmann.

Currently he is leading the Gastronomic Management and Direction of EL NACIONAL, a unique and innovative gastronomic multispace in the center of Barcelona. He is also working tirelessly on new concepts of gastronomy, such as the recently inaugurated ALMACÉN, an ideal space for groups and special celebrations of the most demanding gourmets, with original and elaborate menus representing the offers and varieties of EL NACIONAL.

Until the end of 2015 as Executive Chef of the SPEAKEASY, the first “clandestine” par excellence in Barcelona, and THE ACADEMY, restaurants property of the entrepreneur Javier de las Muelas. He has relaunched the new gastronomic offer of the first, ​​and the transformation of the second, a cocktail academy, into a Kook Bar of Chinese and Peruvian fusion cuisine, with a clear “chifa” influence, but with local products as protagonist.

One of his latest projects is the definition and conceptualization of a restaurant specialized in bovine meats, with the same style and owner of El Nacional, in Barcelona. This restaurant, called LOMOALTO, will be a unique space, a reference offering a wide range of product, respecting the maturity of each piece of meat and the correct type of cooking. This is a new concept, designed in collaboration with Josper, the expert in embers, adding gastronomic and technological knowledge to bring better quality to each dish. A space that algo houses the same version in sandwich the LOMOBAJO, extraordinary meat, top quality and madured to the extreme transferred to the world of bread with incredible combinations.

He has algo defined the structure of the new menu and concept for Taberna Santamaría, formerly Dehesa de Santamaría, from the group Eat-Out, combining in the concept tradition and gastronomy.

Nowadays it is immersed in the ambitious remodeling project of the Hotel Princesa Sofia, from now on SOFIA. An important five-star hotel in Barcelona, belonging to Selenta Group, who opening the hotel the city will offer 5 different gastronomic proposals, ranging from one singular cafeteria-pastry to a gastronomic restaurant, as well as a party room that will offer spectable and tasting dinner.

At the same time as it is  designing a new gastronomic offer for the Hotel Don Carlos in Marbella and for the holiday resort Mare Nostrum Resort of Tenerife, both belonging to Selenta Group, is creating a new concept of catering offer for a well-known food fast. 

Without abandoning the research and development, on which his knowledge is based, in 2017 Design Cook, S.L. has signed a collaboration agreement with the University of Barcelona, ​​in which it will participate in actions of areas such as training, innovation and development, promoting an Industrial Doctorate. Being the objective of this doctorate, to investigate "Olive oil in gastronomy, from freezing to 180º", demonstrating the feasibility of obtaining a new frozen virgin olive oil for food use that maintains and guarantees the quality and characteristics of the oil per se. All this to put in value the olive oil sector in the gastronomy and the Mediterranean diet.